Corey Deschamps


“I have been using Barry C services for close to 20 years now. He gets to know you and understands your expectations with each position he fills. Its more than a skill set we are hiring, its a team fit with inter- relations dynamics.


Barry stands behind the candidates he presents, pre-screened and well documented. I would not hesitate to use Barry to help fill key Management roles “


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Frank Newman


I have worked closely with Barry for several years as my exclusive executive search partner and I know the passion, energy and results that he delivers to our clients.  What makes Barry different from other recruiters is his precision, and his perseverance.  Barry is laser-focused on delivering the right candidate, regardless of how unique the role.  He is unwavering in his determination and his resourcefulness to source them.  His perseverance and thoroughness ensures that he can deliver in difficult markets and in unusual circumstances.


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Ross Bauer


Over the years I’ve introduced Barry to a number of my clients that were in need of finding the Right Person to replace a senior executive.  Time after time Barry found that person and delivered satisfaction to my clients at a better price.  The icing on the cake is a stronger guarantee.